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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Spring has Sprung!

Happy Easter!
It has been someeee time since I've last done a blogpost but yesterday Ricky and I visited a place worthy enough of me taking the time to make a note of it.

We went blueberry picking at Southern Hill Farms.

This was the cutest place I've ever been. If you are in the greater Orlando area between now and the end of May - check it out :)


Friday, November 3, 2017

Cruising to Skagway

Anddddddddddd I'm back with the second to last installment!
8 years later... I know... Paula has been done with her Last Leg post for months.
New Job
New House
HURRICANE BITCH IRMA= No power for a week and fallen trees 
The list goes on...
But ya'll don't want to hear about that.

Let's get back to where I left off.
*Quickly reads through last post to see where we left off*

Ahhhh yes. We were just leaving Juneau and headed towards Skagway.

We were back on the boat.

We looked through the cruise itinerary for something to do, but 
other than eating and drinking, there was not much.

Thankfully the view was pretty good.

Lots of ice.

So much iceeee.

This is Alaska in late May... Can you imagine 
how cold it is in the WINTER?

More ice....

Wait.... Is that a shark?

No... Just more ice.

This is Alaska's idea of an island.

Ahhh, here is a good one of me doing what needs to be done to stay warm:
Drinking and Dancing

Once we finally made it to Skagway, we walked to 
the tiny town. Really it should not even be called a town... It should be called
a street.

It was a cute little street with a few shops, ICE CREAM (which of course I got), and 
a brothel. Yes a brothel lol. I did not end up going in because it was packed, but 
my friend did if you are curious, check out her post!
Apparently there was a lady that worked there that looked just like me 
and had my same mannerisms... hmmmm.

Idk about that..... I'm pretty original.

After walking the "town", we hopped on the train to head to
the Yukon.

Believe it or not, there isn't a lot going on in the

No Yetis or Abdominal Snowmen :(  

It ended up being a 3 hour train ride to and from the Yukon.
Where all the passengers (us included) decided to 
forgo safety and take pictures in the teeny area outside of the train car
that you could totally very easily fall out of.

And this isn't just falling out of a train car a couple feet to the ground. This is falling 
out of your train car off the side of a mountain...

But needless to say, we lived!
Afterwards we headed back to the boat for
some much needed R&R&H (Rest, Relaxation, and Heat).

Stay tuned for the final installment.

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