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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dinner Club

Once a month, every month, a group of friends and I get together and do dinner. 

Not just any dinner, a themed dinner. Every month is a new theme, a new type of food, and at a different person's house.

We do these dinners "PotLuck" style!

So far we have had three dinners.

The first was Spanish themed, held at Cesia and Darren's house. It was lovely! Margaritas for everyone!

The second dinner club was held at my house and it was Italian themed! 
My lemon cello bar cart! PRIDE AND JOY
We served lots of pasta/spaghetti squash and topped off our meals with italian beer and Lemoncello martinis for the ladies.
Oooo it did make life more fun...

Lemoncello Martini Recipe
 3-4 oz of Grey Goose, or your favorite vodka
1 oz of LimonCello
.5-1 oz of Simple Syrup
Sliced lemons

Tonight's dinner was held at Caitlin and Jack's house and it was BBQ themed. 

We had plenty of chicken for the meat eaters and some veggie burgers for our vegetarian friends - Cesi and Dar-bear. 

Chicken, Veggie burgers, hummus, potato salad

Mac N Cheese

My lovesssss!
The boys hated posing...

We washed down our meals with cheerwine and rum and then the games began!

I bet you can't guess what game we played!

Things got a littttttle crazy...

We ended the night with a Sober Sing-a-long.

It was a fantastic saturday night! Getting ready for some boating tomorrow! More posts to come :D

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