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Monday, December 1, 2014

Buzzfeed tells me I can't be Carrie Bradshaw... I say: SHOVE IT BUZZFEED!

Last year Buzzfeed did an article called 27 Ways You are Not Carrie Bradshaw. I think Buzzfeed is being a little pessimistic. Didn't they ever have dreams of fashion, love/sex, and the big city? Here are 20 ways I will prove Buzzfeed wrong ;) And I'm feeling catty.

1. You would never wear this IRL.

Ummmmm, Hell yes I would! Tulle skirts are totally in. The ballerina look is totally in. Standing out in a crowd is TOTALLY IN! What I would NOT wear is anything that anyone else is wearing in that picture.

2. You are not able to afford your own Upper East Side apartment with the income from one newspaper column.

This one is a little trickier, starting out you would probably not be able to afford your own Upper East Side apartment, but after a few years of experience I could see it happening. Heck, people make a living off of writing blogs these days and make decent money. So maybe you wouldn't be a newspaper column writer, but you could totally manage a Carrie-Style apartment by blogging for a living :)

3. You would have just gone to the damn country house and not made such a BFD about it.

How would Buzzfeed know if I would have made a BFD about it or not? To make a point, I TOTALLY would have made a BFD about it ;)

4. If you got mugged, you wouldn’t be most concerned about your sandals, because omg.

A city girl has two pride and joys in her life: her purse and her shoes. Depending on which one cost more will determine which one she will be most concerned about. Also, I would hate to walk barefoot in NYC.

5. Nope, how about IN YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT or IN A F*CKING 401(k).

I totally agree with this statement. Don't judge, most girls won't admit to it, but based on their spending habits they live by this statement.

6. You know how a computer works because this isn’t 1956.

Carrie eventually learned how to work a computer...

7. You are aware of what’s better than a magazine: ACTUAL EFFING FOOD.

Did a man write this? There are plenty of days I would rather be skinny and buy a magazine rather than buying dinner. 

8. You’re not this annoying, ugggggh.

I am definitely this annoying.

9. You have never said this, because gross.

I have no problem saying that! I love shoes :D

10. Or this.

What a fantastic saying! 

11. Or THIS.

Come on Buzzfeed, I have no problem saying ANY of these things!

12. You are not the most DRAMATIC PERSON IN THE WORLD.

I am pretty sure I have some ex-friends that would totally disagree with you on that!

13. You would never bring your friend to stalk a guy who’s going to church with HIS MOM.

Guilty... And I would totally wear Carrie's hat!

14. You wouldn’t spend $40,000 on shoes because you have basic common sense.

I am positive that if you gave any woman $40,000, she would spend it on shoes... I know I would.

15. You would never type the WORLD’S MOST ANNOYING SENTENCES.

Any writer has written a few of the world's most annoying sentences.

16. YOU would be totally squeeing if you got to hang out with this dog.

Buzzfeed, you got me on that one...

17. You wouldn’t have to have your friends vote before you just took some stuff to Goodwill, OH MY GOD.

If you have a problem throwing things away you would! Also what a great excuse for a fashion show!

18. You know this isn’t true because wtf, that doesn’t even make sense.

I know plenty of girls who think like this.

19. You have not worn a dress made of a whole octopus family just to go to dinner.

I haven't yet, but I totally would if given the chance :)

20. You don’t joke around at the drive-thru, because food is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

I don't know anyone who hasn't joked around at the drive-thru!

Ladies, don't let Buzzfeed tell you who you can and can't be! The sky is the limit, be who you want to be!

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