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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mummy Dearest, may I please go to the Science Center?

A few Saturdays ago a friend invited me to join her at the Orlando Science Center for Science Night Live.

The main reason for going was to hear Dr. Heather Gill-Frerking speak about the Mummies of the World Exhibition. 

But mummies weren’t the only reason we were excited for a night in the science center!
We were also drawn in by the 12 drinks for $10 punch-card and the 21 and up sign.

Outfit for the evening
The science center was our play ground, with no kids in sight! 

We traveled all six floors, playing with toys, looking through microscopes, taking pictures, looking at planets through telescopes, gazing at laser light shows, and drinking all the beer and wine the bar stands would give us.

Pink Floyd Laser Show
When the clock struck 10, it was time to file into the auditorium to hear the stories of mummies from Europe, Egypt, and South America. 

It was fascinating, and the pictures were interesting, but sadly Heather did not bring any real life mummies with her.

As soon as it had begun, it was finished, so we sauntered out into the night and headed home.

Apparently the science center has a different event every month. If you are in town, you should check it out! I know I will!

P.S. I have so many more pictures and videos that I never post, but if you want to see them you should check me out on Snapchat!


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