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Monday, June 22, 2015

Outfit Hacks: How to Make the Crop Top Work Appropriate

The trendy thing to be wearing right now is a crop top and I LOVE IT. 

But what I don’t love about the crop top is that I can only wear it on a night out on the town or maybe when I’m out shopping. 

I’m not Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift, so I can’t wear a crop top to work (no matter how bad I want to).

With money being scarce I (and you) can’t afford to have outfits that we can only wear out drinking. 

So I came up with a clever way to bring the crop top to work ;)

Choose a strappy dress that you would normally have to wear a jacket with and 
put the crop top over it.

Crop tops go best with empire waist dresses, strappy dresses, and strapless dresses.


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