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Friday, April 1, 2016

Anniversary Weekend in Miami: Day 2

Saturday morning, we woke up well rested and 
left the room in search of a gym.

Boy, did we find one. This 
hotel gym, (which I was assuming would only have
a few machines and a couple free weights) was CRAZY.
This is what I expected:

And this is what we got!

Andddddd other people were working out in it!
It was the craziest thing I have ever seen.

Once I finished my workout - in the fully loaded
gym - we ran out in search of coffee and breakfast.

I loaded myself up with 4 shots of espresso and we
headed out to Villa Vizcaya.

After visiting - I dubbed this place the
Biltmore of Miami. 

Though much smaller, Vizcaya is no less impressive.

I couldn't get a great pic of the whole place so I found one
for you online!

The following were taken by yours truly!

After a long day of exploring, we headed into the
city for dinner :)

A coworker of Ricky's told us about this great
place called STK.

It was, maybe, the best food we have ever eaten and 
the service was great!

View from the table

It was such a fun restaurant and a great end to 
a great day!


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