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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Babes, Boats, and Booze!

There isn’t much I love more in life than boating, so when a friend of mine invited Ricky and I to Sunday Boat day, I gladly accepted – even though we already had plans to go to the gun range with our personal trainer. This seems to be something I do quite often – overbook myself. I can’t help it! I want to be able to experience everything in life! Carpe Diem! (We watched Dead Poet’s Society this weekend too lol).

RIP Robin Williams

For me, overbooking myself nothing new and I have learned to manage running from one activity to another without stressing myself out, but Ricky has not and he hates it.

He is a “One Activity a Day” kind of guy, but he loves me so he deals with my crazy plans and is trying to learn to be a little bit more spontaneous – like me:D

Sunday Morning we headed to Gander Mountain.
No - this is not a mountain....I was disappointed too!

We ended up getting there an hour before everyone so we spent some time gun shopping. Once everyone got there we signed into the gun range and began shooting with our trainer, who seems to have an endless amount of guns. I chose to shoot a few of his hand guns and then he forced me into shooting some of the heavy duty guns. I was so afraid! But in the end it wasn’t that bad – actually quite fun!

Around noon we headed to the lake to meet up with our boating buddies; only stopping once to pick up Loopy and Diet Sprite (which no one, other than Ricky and I, had tried before).


We were the last to arrive, which I should try to make sure happens more often because we received a standing ovation as we walked down the dock towards the boat. To me, at the time, it looked like this:

But I think it was really more like this:
I think they were tired of waiting one us...

Once on the boat, I, the boat bartender for the day, began to pour drinks for everyone... Trying to makeup for my lateness.
But less messy...
Then we were off to our destination spot for some fun in the sun!

*Highlights of the day
- 3 girls drank an entire bottle of loopy in about 2 hours’ time!!!!!

- I lost my Tory Burch sunglasses

- Cesia lost her flower earrings

- We had a twerking contest – I won… of course

- Yoda did a little dance

- I got a weeee bit sunburned

It was a fantastic day :D

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