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Sunday, May 22, 2016

5 Spring Beauty Essentials for Florida Living

Being a girl living in Orlando Florida
is very difficult.

75-80% of the year I live
in a tropical paradise.

I know, I know... Everyone who does not
live in Florida is hating me right now.

But you don't understand!!!
Having perfect hair and makeup in a 
tropical paradise is next to impossible!

Think Monica Geller in Barbados...

The humidity RUINS everything!

Whether the humidity makes your hair blow up like a balloon (like Monica) or fall
flat like a noodle (like me) - whether it melts your makeup off you face one hour 
into the day....

Fear not!
I have a few Spring/Summer beauty essentials
for the humidified lifestyle!

1. Primer (face and eye)

Because Florida has such a humid climate,
no matter what type of skin you have, you
face will normally have an oil sheen by the end of the day and
your makeup will normally melt off a few hours into
the work day. Primer really helps the makeup stick to
your face throughout the day.

A few of my favorites are:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance - To keep the eye makeup intact
BECCA Priming Filter - Luminous face primer
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer 

2. Setting Powder

Another way to keep your makeup lasting longer is to
brush a little setting powder over it. Setting powder is good
for use all over the face or only in specific areas. Many will
even use setting powder for "baking".
I often find that setting powder, not only contributes to
my makeup longevity, but it also gives me a little extra
oil control.

My favorite setting powder is the
Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder.

3. Push powder

Living in a humid climate not only effects makeup,
it also effects hair!

Most people have the problem of humidity making
their hair bigger - I have the opposite problem.
For a southern girl, there is nothing worse than flat

If you have issues with flat hair - fear not...
Push Powder will become your new best friend.
Push Powder is a powder that adds texture
and lift to your hair when applied at the
My favorite push powder is
Redken Powder Grip.

4. Redkin Windblown

I don't care who you are, we all want Beyonce's
wind blown hair!

Windblown is an extremely light hairspray that not only holds
but it really does give you an airy windblown look - and it lasts
I've had 1 bottle last for a full year.
Redken Windblown.
If you are afraid to take the plunge and buy the full version,
they have travel sizes!
Travel Windblown.

5. Setting Spray

If you aren't using a setting spray - you should be.
Putting your makeup on should be like building a sandwich.
The primer should be the bottom piece of bread, the
foundation, bronzer, eye makeup, blush, etc. should be the
ham - cheese - lettuce - tomato
and the setting spray should be the top piece of bread.
It is the finishing touch to you look.
It keeps your makeup on longer and depending on the
type of spray you get, it can oil control or add moisture to your

I bet we can all guess which one I use!
I love Urban Decay's De-Slick.
If you have tried De-Slick and aren't
crazy about it, my second choice would be
Kat Von D Setting Mist.

If you are curious about how to use these products,
hop over to my youtube channel to see
me in action!



  1. this is too funny! i have lots of curly hair and whenever i visit FL, poof!

    xo from nyc // http://www.the-beautiful-things.com/

    1. Lol! Humidity is a real thing! My hair looks fabulous whenever I am not in Florida. Is it petty to move because I want beautiful hair?

  2. I may not live in Florida but I will definitely keep some of these tips for a rainy day (pun intended!). Lovely post!


  3. Haha great tips!! That first picture of Monica made me crack up

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin


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