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I've never been a millionaire before, but I just know I'd be darling at it.- Dorothy Parker

My bio, told by pictures ;)

I love giraffes

I love getting my eagle on.

I love drinking at Yankee's games.

I love dressing up like a grandma for halloween.

I love my mom!

Love rowing - hate erging.

Love giraffes - and ice cream.

I love giraffes, my phone, and the sock bun.

I love dressing up
especially when I push the limit.

I love Pole, and took classes for a year. (NOT A STRIPPER)

I would love to be a model, but my booty is too big.

I love hats, derbys, and drinking in the morning.

I loved rowing for UCF.

I loved taking boudoir pictures for my hubby.

I love how our engagement photos turned out :)

I love jumping in the pool in pretty dresses.

I love pudding wrestleing

I love yoga.

I love surprises and silly string ;)


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