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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hot Hair Don't Care

Today on our Hot Hair list, we will be starting with Carrie Underwood.

Her hair can do no wrong!
Next up on the Hot Hair list is Maria Menounos
Ohhh soo versatile
Candice Swanepoel is no newb to the Hot Hair club!
You want hair like mine? YOU NEED A TEAM!
Short hair don't care! 
Realistic, doable hairdo.
Whoopsss, how did that get in there?
#nofilter #noteam 
Some rando with fabulous hair!
With help of extensions...
Bammmm Beyonce
Shut up! I'm fabulous.
Jen Jen Jen
I have timeless hair!
Mila baby - that hairrrrrr!

The hair gods have made a child. Her name is Blake.
My baby has the BEST hair genes.
Last but definitely not least, we have an Olsen. 
I have no idea which one.
Don't look at me!
If you don't stop, I swear I  will put that oversized sweater back on!


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