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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Hot Books

While I’ve been neglecting my blog I’ve been reading… A lot… 
I actually got into a little bit of trouble with the hubby for spending too much money on my reading material. 
I was reading a book a day – which means I was buying a book a day. 
I was trying to be cheap by buying the $1-$5 books on amazon but even that adds up. 
I had to put my book spending to an end when I racked up $400 
in one month on amazon – in books alone. 
I should really buy stock in Amazon.

When I was told that I could no longer buy books from amazon 
I was terrified that I would never read again (dramatic, I know), 
but then I found something called a Library 
(jk, I know what libraries are but just hadn’t been to one in my area)!!! 
Wish my Library was this fabulous!
Ummm, can I just say that libraries are fabulous? 
They are about 100 times more fabulous than they used to be. 
Now books are cataloged online and I can pick out the books I want, 
place them on hold, and go to the library to pick them up. 
I don’t have to SEARCH the entire library any more for just one book. 
They will have the books you placed on hold at the front desk for you. 
Also, libraries are starting to do e-books. 
The selection is a little smaller but I have found plenty to read in the e-book library! 
So now I am still reading about a book a day, but fo freeeeee! 

Now I can spend all my money on clothes!

From all of my reading, I have found a few books I think you might enjoy. 
I will call them my list of Spring Hot Books! 
If you are looking for a good beach read, I definitely recommend any and all of these books!

Obviously I love my YA! If you have any books to recommend, please comment!

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