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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Anniversary Weekend in Miami: Day 1

March 2nd was the hubby and my 2nd wedding
Here are a few wedding throwbacks!

Okay, back the the present!

This year for our anniversary we decided to take a 
little trip to Key Largo and Miami.

Out of all of our trips, this had to be one of my favorites!
Honestly, our game plan was to relax and hang by the 
pool all weekend (which is why we decided to stay at
a resort) but relaxation just really isn't our cup of tea.
We just love doing things too much!

We set out for Key Largo on Thursday night, but only made it
halfway because we can't seem to stay awake passed 11pm...

Thankfully we made it to Key Largo on Friday, just in time for
our snorkeling tour boat to leave!

Omg, snorkeling was amazing. I remembered doing this tour with my
family when i was around 13-14 and I remembered loving it, so I had to
do it again.

The weather was perfect, the water was clear, we bought an underwater 
disposable camera (that I am still waiting to get developed - I totes forgot about how
annoying it is to get photos developed #firstworldproblems). 

Since the photos aren't developed, here are a few images (taken from the
internet) of what we saw!

After our 4 hour tour (no not a 3 hour tour - or this might be an 
entirely different blog post), 

we grabbed some amazing
Key Lime Pie and headed to our resort.

With a quick shower and a look around the place, we headed
out for dinner at an old favorite of Ricky's. - Old Heidelberg
They have the best German food around, and we make sure 
to visit every time we are in town!

I was so excited about food that I forgot
to take pictures. No worries! I have pictures
from the last time that we were there!

After stuffing ourselves, we headed to go back to our
hotel bar to drink, watch some basketball, and meet up with 
our good friend Max!!

It was here that I had the best Mojito I have ever tasted in my life #amazeballs.

And the rest of the night was a blur...

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