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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time for Tea!

Saturday, around two, Stephanie and I headed to Mount Dora for some good ole fashioned 
British tea and crumpets. 

We had heard good things about a tea room called Windsor Rose and decided to give 
it a shot.

We ended up in a cute little town on the water filled with shops, restaurants,
and tea houses.

When we walked in we were immediately greeted by a lovely lady in white apron and given the choice of a scenic window seat or a seat by the queen.
It was a hard choice, but we chose the window seat.

Once seated, we were able to look over the selection of teas and pastries.

I decided on the Marlborough - Tea for One and Stephanie had the 
English Cream Tea which came with a scone.

I had the Rose Tea - which was fantastic! 

I loved the cake, the pastry, and most of the sandwiches. Next time I think 
I will order the Queen Mary Tea for One.

Stephanie and I had never tried clotted cream before, so 
we were very excited to see it came with the 

Once we had finished our tea, the owner showed us around, explained, 
the artwork on the wall, let Stephanie pick out a new hat, and
took as many pictures of us as we wanted!

After bidding farewell, we set out to explore a little more of the
town before heading home.


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