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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bodacious Boating Buddies

It seems like lately we have been going boating a lot! Not a bad problem to have - am I right?!

This labor day sunday we decided to have another SUNDAY BOATDAY!

We rolled up to the boat ramp late - again... But only by like 10 minutes.
We brought the alcohol again so we were quickly forgiven!

It fixes everything.
As the drinks were being poured, I remembered that it would be a good idea to put on some sunscreen :)
So i put on SPF 6...
After covering my body in SPF 6, we made a toast to the weekend and sped off to our destination point.

 We found some glorious houses!
One day I will live in a house like this!
Or like this!
Darren and Cesi then decided it was time to taunt me with their chips!
Vegetarians are evil.

How I feel when people eat chips in front of me and I can't eat chips...

We were soooo close to arriving at our destination point - 
Thennnn these guys show up...

Gave us some sort of warning about partying too hard and sent us on our way!

FINALLY we weighed anchor!

To our surprise there was a band playing out on a platform in the water!  

We stayed for hours, drinking, swimming, tossing the football, all while listening to live music.
But all too soon it was time to set sail.
We climbed back in the boat and headed towards the docks.

I want this guy's yellow sunglasses!
Once back at the docks we headed for dinner!

We found a restaurant with a view. We stayed for hours chatting the afternoon away.


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