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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My First Post andddd Adventures of Taste of the Nation Orlando

I’m finally giving this blogging thing a try for a little bit. The ultimate goal is to not have to save my planners and calendars in order to look back on my life and see what all I've been up to.

 *Side note – I need a new desk calendar… This whole sticky note thing is driving me cray…

Anyways first things first… (I’m the realest).  I am trying desperately to lose weight.

 1.I did the shake diet to lose weight for my wedding,
 but I am totally bored with that now.
2.I got a trainer – I love him, but once a week is not enough and I am too poor to go more.
3.I tried the “No Sugar” Diet for 30 days with a friend. I cheated consistently…

Now I am onto #4 which is trying to eat low carb and low sugar andddddd workout 5 days a week. We shall see how this turns out. I am giving it until Oct. 31st before I change up my plan. If anyone has any suggestions for a girl who expects instantaneous Victoria’s Secret model results PLEASE let me know!

In other news: I was basically famous this weekend… I was featured on my friend Paula’s blog on Friday! Please Read! It was a lovely little spread.

Along with being famous, I was invited to go with Paula to Taste of the Nation – Orlando. When she first asked, I was very meh about it. Honestly I really had no idea what it was except that I would get free food if I went.


I looked it up! First off, these tickets cost $150 a POP! (Person Of Importance?) Next, I looked at what the event was for: Every dollar raised fights hunger and homelessness in the Central Florida. Local beneficiaries include Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida and Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. So it was for a good cause :).  Lastly, I looked at the vendor list and realized that there were going to be some really fancy shmancy restaurants there serving food and alcohol.

I know I know I know… $150 is a lot, BUT I did not have to spend a dime!!!! Why? Basically because I’m famous! Kidding. It’s because I have friends in high places!! Paula was given 2 free tickets so that she would blog about the event  <--- So she’s famous! Anyways, I was alllllll excited until I saw the dress code: Cocktail/Semi-formal 

So Saturday afternoon I went off in search of the perfect dress… Let me re-phrase… I was in search of the perfect, cheap dress, at T.J. MAXX (it’s all I had time for). Normally T.J. MAXX has a BANGIN dress selection, but on this Saturday, that was not the case. I went into the dressing room with 3 dresses. Two I hated and one seemed too short and too casual, butttttt it fit and was $12. It was this adorable green, lace, strapless dress. I did not realize though, until I got home, that it was from Abercrombie and Fitch – which is fine – FOR A 16 YEAR OLD! Not fine for a 25 year old going to a semi-formal event. Also – it was WAYYYYY too short.

 So I went into my closet in search for the perfect semi-formal dress, but everything I thought might work seemed to either have a stain on it or a hole in it. I started to break down… How could I have let my semi-formal wardrobe get this bad?? BUT NO! I did not have time to throw myself a pity party! I hadn’t even done my hair yet!

 **Though it really didn’t matter since it was raining…

I pulled myself together. What color is cute with green? PINK! I grabbed my pink ballet dress out of the closet and put it on, then put the green dress over it and tucked the top of the pink dress into the green dress. What did I get? A cute green dress with pink tulle coming out of the bottom, making it long enough to cover my booty. And you know what? People loved it!!
***This got me thinking – I should totally create more clothes out of my already existing clothes!

 Anyways, after doing my hair and makeup I was off to Paula’s, where I had a few Loopy vodka drinks!! If you haven’t heard of/tried loopy vodka with sprite, you are missing out. Honestly it tastes just like fruit loops!
My husband messed up and got 7Up instead of Sprite...

After that we headed to the event. Below are just a few pictures of what the night consisted of!
The lovely lady who got me into this shindig fo free!

I would like a wine dress please.

My hair looks like sh*t here... I know...



  1. Ricky needs to get you some DIET 7-up, yo. Get that aspartame up in ya! Then you can drink more for less calories. #duh #drinkingtipsforstayingskinny

    1. Fo real... He's been taking Michael's advice lately and cutting out the "diet" and adding back in the full sugar... Idk how I feel about that...


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