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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Who knew about Ruth Chris Happy Hour and did not tell me????

If you did not know, Ruth Chris is a fabulous steakhouse with some of the best dishes I have ever tried. Only one problem…It costs lots of monies… So I don’t go that often.
Tuesday my mom suggested we go there after work for dinner and drinks. When she noticed my hesitation she quickly showed me the Happy Hour menu.  All of the meals and drinks were under $10 from 4:30-6:30 pm Monday – Friday. So I happily agreed.

I got the steak sandwich, fries and a pomegranate martini. Mom got the crab BLT with Zucchini fries and a blueberry mojito. I wish I had pictures of the food, but at that point I had not decided if I wanted to start a blog or not. The next time I go – there WILL be a next time – I will make sure to get pictures :D

Everything was fabulous and oooo soooo fancy ;) So we ate and drank until we were both full…. Damn.. I should have gotten the salad… Oh well.

I know I know, but Chey, you are trying to lose weight, I should have gotten the salad, but I really don’t feel that bad because I made up for it with my work out that night.

Paula (my marathon buddy) came over to run 2 ½ miles with me. Somehow that turned into 5 ½ miles… LOL

It was rough, but it felt good and I got to see this fabulous sunset :D

In other news – I tried a new flavor of Kombucha today!!!

It is much smoother than other types I have tried. I will definitely be getting this again :D

It is called Synergy Organic and Raw Guava Goddess. I loved it!

* I know this seems super random and often ends abruptly, but that is kind of how I am!! Hopefully with time, and lots of posts, I will get better!

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