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Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Great Trip Part II – Binghamton to Salem

Tuesday morning, after saying our sad goodbyes (and tearing up in the car), we set out on the road again. We needed to make it to NYC by mid-day Wednesday so we decided to take the long way! 
We have always wanted to do a New England trip and decided that there was no better time to do it than the present!

We hit Vermont first. We drove for hours in some of the most beautiful mountains and valleys I have ever seen. Everything was stunning emerald green dusted and valleys dusted with yellow wildflowers. I have never seen anything quite like it! It almost looked like Tinkerbelle flew down and sprinkled yellow pixie dust all over the land (of course the Floridian would make the Disney reference).

We stopped off for lunch in the quaint little town of Rochester. We ate at the cutest café called Rochester Café, which is known for its wonderful baked goods and its devastatingly delicious espresso bar (which I took full advantage of).

The coffee here was my favorite coffee of the whole trip! I ordered the iced Green Mountain Latte, and it was to die for – check out the rest of the espresso menu here.

For lunch I ordered a salad from their special menu that, sadly, is not anywhere online – but I can tell you it was delicious! Ricky had a wild hair and ordered the Maple Chipotle Chicken Sandwich (WHICH WAS FANTASTIC).

For desert, Ricky ordered the Vermont Maple Cream Pie (which he claims is the best pie he has ever eater – and I’d have to agree after having a taste). 
I ordered a cone of the maple ice cream. Everything we tried was wonderful. We will definitely be visiting this town and café the next time we visit Vermont and you should too! 
Find the rest of the menus here.

After we each ordered an iced green mountain late for the road, we set off again. 
The next state we hit was New Hampshire, and maybe we didn’t hit a good area, but boyyyy was NH boring. We quickly got through that state, while only stopping once for a bathroom break.

Finally we made it to Ogunquit Maine. I can not describe to you how beautiful it was. I have never seen anything like it. Being from Florida, I am used to pretty beaches and sunsets, but I had no clue what I was in for. The rocks, the ocean, the lighthouse, and the mansions – it all went together like something out of a dream. I have decided that Heaven will look like Ogunquit Maine, in the spring/summer.

A beautiful Church on the rocks

We drove around for a little while, stopping the car to get out at lighthouses and beaches. I made sure to take lots of pictures and videos!

After such a long drive, we were in the mood for a mean Maine meal! We stopped off at a place called Beachfire Bar and Grille.

Most of the restaurants in the New England area are known for their seafood, but since Ricky and I don’t eat seafood we settled for marinated steak tips and a low carb burger. 

I became an alcoholic on this trip and tried to order an alcoholic beverage with most of my meals – starting at this restaurant. I ordered, for the first time in my life, a Dark and Stormy. It did not disappoint!

The food at the Beachfire Bar and Grille was good. 
The steak tips were outstanding, but the burger wasn’t anything special (I guess that’s what I get for low carb). What really made this place was the setting. 
They had a bonfire going outside, there were a lot of locals hanging out at the bar, and the service was great!

After our bellies were full, we decided to say farewell the Maine and set out for Massachusetts. The game plan was to get to Salem and do a ghost-tour before getting a room outside of Salem.

When we got to Salem, I expected to see touristy, witchy, scary things – but I saw NONE of that! It was just your normal boring town. They really don’t play up the witch factor at all, and I have heard that the town really doesn’t want to be known for murdering a bunch of innocent people.

So I guess it’s understandable. I later heard that the best time to visit Salem for the witchy stuff is around Halloween. Maybe I’ll go back one day!

We ended up setting up camp right outside of Salem, for we were headed for Newport Rhode Island the next day and could not handle another night on the road!

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