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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Outfit Hacks: Maxi-mizing the Dress

So I've been searching the internet for new ideas on what to do with my old clothes.

On Pinterest I found the perfect outfit: A maxi skirt with a knotted up t-shirt.
It was adorable. 

The Inspiration:

My Issue:

I don't own a maxi skirt! Well technically I do, but it has a hole in it.

How I fixed the issue WITHOUT buying something new:

I had an old strapless maxi dress that I paired with a grey
Banana Republic t-shirt.

The Product:

A whole new outfit!


1 comment

  1. Wow!!! Really a great outfits. I love this outfits and fashion trends. The Maxi dress are looking gorgeous and beautiful. The design are also standard and unique.


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