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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Great Trip: Final Days

Saturday morning we headed out early for breakfast. We decided on trying out French Roast, in Chelsea. I had eggs benedict and the world’s cutest coffee.

After breakfast we took a taxi to Times Square where we did our very first super touristy thing – we bought a tour bus ticket. 

The tour was called The Ride
It was interesting, but I don’t think I will ever do it again. 
My favorite thing about it was I got to sit down, but the bad thing was that it was super warm so I almost fell asleep – and actually my mom did fall asleep… It was an hour tour, and it was fun, but I didn’t feel like I learned anything super memorable. I really wanted to learn all about the gang wars, the mafia, and the celebrities…

After the tour we stopped for cheesecake at Junior’s (a MUST if you are in NYC) and then we walked a few blocks to get to our main destination for the day – a Broadway show!

We (I) decided to see Chicago! Ricky was dreading it, but I was forcing him anyway. As we glanced at the program, we noticed that Brandi (YES BRANDI) would be playing the role of Roxie.


She was hilarious, her voice was amazing, and her dancing was spot on. After the show, even Ricky said he enjoyed the performance and he wouldn’t mind on seeing another show! 


Later that night we met up with the newlyweds at a burlesque show. Since we were all new to burlesque, we weren’t quite sure what to expect but we were excited!

The show was in a slightly scary area, but it meant a $$cheaper$$/raunchier show. It was only $20 to get in, and we were allowed to stay as long, and for as many shows, as we wanted. The show was fantastic! I was quite impressed with the dances, and some, though raunchy, were quite hilarious. Krystal and I drank French Martinis, while Dana and Ricky sipped on beers. This show was definitely something I won’t ever forget!

After the show, we walked until we ran into food. Food in the form of Katz’s and it was ooooo sooooo good. It was here that I had the best Ruebin of my LIFE. “I’ll have what she’s having”

Spotted this gem on the way home.
The next morning we headed out for brunch and shopping. 
We ate at a restaurant called Penelope’s and it was my favorite meal of the trip!

After brunch we set out for some shopping (YES I FINALLY FOUND SHOPPING) on the upper east side before we headed to the MET. 

I tried my hardest not to be rude and take pictures,
 so this is the only one I got!
I just love the yellow couch!
The MET was awesome, but I wished that we had seen it on a regular week day. It was crazyyyy. The tourists were insane, and the annoying thing was that people were allowed to take pictures… This meant there was a line to see EVERYTHING.

After spending a few hours at the MET, we headed to see the Rangers play!

Seeing the Rangers play Tampa was, in the beginning, amazing. I have never seen fans like Ranger fans, I have never seen so many jerseys and so much pride.

But that all was killed by the fact that Tampa won against NYC 2-0. 

It was a longgggg treck back to the car. I was not looking forward to riding all the way back to Orlando with Ricky (the saddest ranger fan) in the car next to me.

Thankfully he quickly got over his sadness, which was good because it took us a day and a half to finallyyyy get home!

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