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Monday, June 8, 2015

The Great Trip Part III - Day 3 in NYC (Wedding Day)

Friday morning we awoke bright and early to the sound of music and laughter. Everyone was excited and getting ready for the big wedding!

Once we were ready, we snuck out of the house to let the rest of the bridal party get ready in peace. We wanted to get to Central Park early to catch a glimpse of Strawberry Fields before show time!
It was beautiful. I was so taken in, that I forgot to snap a picture! So you will just have to make due with one from the net!

The wedding was set at the Ladies Pavilion in Central Park (very fitting – I see what you did there Krystal). The Ladies Pavilion is one of the most popular places for weddings in Central Park – and I can understand why! The view was to die for!

If you want to know some history on the Ladies Pavilion look here!

The wedding was beautiful and the brides were stunning! 
Krystal’s dress and bouquet fit in perfectly with the setting of the wedding and I was beyond thrilled that Dana wore a bow-tie!

With tears in our eyes, we watched as Krystal’s father announced Krystal and Dana legally married. 
It was a beautiful ceremony that I will never forget.

In the blink of an eye, we had gone from happy crying to words of congratulations, hugs, and laughter!

After taking pictures, we headed up to the road where our cars were awaiting to take us to the reception lunch. 

The reception lunch was at River Park. It was open bar!!

Ricky and I both had the filet and veggies. All the food was fantastic and our wine
glasses were never empty.

The view from the restaurant was magnificent and many of the guests went outside
for pictures, but it was wayyyy too cold out on the water for me to
go outside!

Sobered up by a cup of coffee and desert, we headed back to the apartment for a nap before
the big Yankee game :)

Sadly, that night the Yankees lost- but we had fun none the less!


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