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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Great Trip Part III - Day 2 in NYC

Thursday morning Ricky and I woke up early and decided to walk around the city before I needed to meet Daniella for my first Soul Cycle class at noon. 

My goal was to try to be healthy on this trip, so we went in search of healthy breakfast. My healthy breakfast was in the form of a green smoothie. Ricky's healthy breakfast was in the form of a hotdog... 

Oh, this face is terrible...
After washing our breakfast down with iced coffee (it was 50 degrees!), we set out for Central Park.

In need of a selfie stick

After walking around Central park for about an hour, it was time for me
to meet up with Daniella for Soul Cycle!

This was the best spinning class I have ever taken! The instructor
was motivating, the music was kickin, and the spinners were dancing while
peddling! I had so much fun working out! Who would have thought that would be 
possible? Thanks Daniella for introducing me to Soul Cycle. Hopefully
one will pop up in Orlando!

After getting my butt kicked in spin class, Ricky and I decided it would be best to walk home for a shower! 

But on the way, I made a few stops!

I couldn't help myself!
After grabbing a bite to eat from the street carts, we decided
to take our meals and picnic on the stairs of the Library.

After lunch, we headed back to the apartment for a quick shower and a teensy bit
of rest before heading out towards China Town and Little Italy.

The plan was to walk through Little Italy and then when we
arrived in China town we would look for a 
spot for dinner.

The only problem with that plan was that China Town smelled HORRIBLE.
We walked through it as quickly as we could - there was no WAY we were going
to eat dinner here.

For dinner we ended up at a restaurant in Little Italy called Amici's
The service was great and the noodles were homemade!
I had the Chicken Rollatine Valdostana and Ricky had the
Homemade Lasagna. 
After dinner, we stopped by a cart for gelato and headed back to the
apartment for some much needed rest.


  1. I'd pass over Soul Cycle if Orlando could get an Indian food truck!!

    How disappointing that Chinatown smelled bad :(

    1. The Indian food was fantastic, but I was afraid to get meat from a truck so I stuck to the vegetarian options!

      China town was awful. It smelled like bad fish EVERYWHERE. I'm sure it didn't help that every shop had dried seafood/critters on tables outside their stores.

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