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Monday, June 1, 2015

The Great Trip Part III - Salem to NYC

On Wednesday morning, we woke up and headed towards Newport Rhode Island. The plan was to find some lobster, do the Cliff Walk, and invade Taylor Swift’s house!

We arrived in Newport by lunch time and decided to stop for a bite to eat before doing the Cliff Walk. We ate at a restaurant called BrickAlley Pub. Ricky and I really wanted to try lobster, but all they had was lobster rolls so I ended up getting the Cajun chicken sandwich and he ordered the cheeseburger with bacon. 
It was a great meal but we really wished we could have tried lobster!!!

Once we were done with lunch we drove around until we found the Cliff Walk. The houses were insane! I’ve decided one day I would like to have a baby mansion as a summer home in Rhode Island or Maine.

After walking for about an hour we decided it was time to head back to the car so we could make our way towards our FINAL DESTINATION in NYC.

Driving through NYC for the most part was pleasant, 
except for a small patch in Manhattan where I thought we were going to die ;)

We were the last to get to the apartment, but thankfully we still got a good room! 
Here are a few pictures of where we stayed! It was actually pretty damn nice!

We were only two blocks from the Empire State Building!

After chatting with family and unpacking our bags, Ricky and I headed out into the city to meet an old friend from high school.
Ricky and I met up with my friend Gaby and 
her boyfriend for Vietnamese food (my favorite!!).
It was just like old times for Gaby and me, and thankfully the boys hit it off!
Halfway through the meal, I feel a tap on my shoulder. 
I turn around to see that another one of my friends (Daniella – Gaby’s sister) had come to visit!!!

After dinner we headed out for drinks and desert. 
Gaby offered up the idea of cupcakes and wine, and I held on to that plan for dear life!
We ended up going to a little place called Sweet Revenge.
Here they had a list of cupcakes, cookies, and cakes that they would pair with beer, wine, or champagne.

This was one of my favorite stops in NYC.
I had the Cranberry Oatmeal Pecan cake which was paired with the Petalo Moscato. 
Ricky had a cupcake paired with a beer 
(I can’t remember what he or anyone else had – but I tried everything and it was all very good).

After hours of stories, gossip, and laughter, we bid farewell to Gaby, Daniella, and Grant and headed in the direction of home. 
We decided to take the long way home so that we could take in more of the city at night.
Everything was beautiful and I honestly felt extremely safe. 

Once we got back to the apartment we said goodnight and hit the hay. 

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