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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A New Crew

I love boats.
I feel like my love of boats came at an early age.
I basically grew up on sail boats, canoes, and kayaks.
I am kind of a boat pro - so when I realized that
my high school didn't have a crew team I was devastated. 

But I was patient and waited a few years until I got to college.
My first year at UCF I decided that I was going to try out for the
UCF crew team.

It was a long two weeks of tryouts on the erg, 
but I made the novice team with 
no problems.

Our first practice in the boat out on the actual water, 
I fell in love with 
I was a natural. 
I made top boat within a few weeks and stayed there.

Slowly but surely,
rowing became my life. 
If I wasn't at practice,
I was putting in extra time on the 
erg to get ahead,
or I was hanging out with my team. 

I knew it was true love when I decided to give up my spring break to spend
6 hours a day at the boat house practicing. 

Rowing was the first sport I seemed to be natural at. 
Where I didn't have to work twice as hard
just to keep up with my teammates. 
Our coach would take videos of our practices and use ME as the good example.

But sadly, all things must come to an end. 
When my grades started to suffer, I had to make the hard
decision to leave the team and focus on school.

For years I have missed the feel of being out on the water and 
the camaraderie of a crew. 

I didn't realize that there were crew clubs for adults until
a few nights ago when a friend of mine told me that her
husband was in a club!

I've decided to give it a try! Message sent! I will keep you
posted on if I join or not :)


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