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Friday, July 17, 2015

White Wolf Cafe & Quickie Outfit Hack

I can't say no to a good brunch invite! (Especially one from the hubby)
Three seconds after he mentioned mimosas I was already
dialing for reservations.
It's not every day
that I can force him into a cutesy breakfast cafe filled with
endless chandeliers - so when he gave me an inch, I ran the mile without

White Wolf Cafe is one of the most chic brunch restaurants that
you will find in Orlando.
My favorite aspect of White Wolf is the miss-matched chandeliers covering
the entire ceiling.

I have decided I need this pic for my bathroom!
We started with champagne, 
a splash of cranberry, 
and some good conversation.

I ordered Egg's Benedict with pan seared pork belly ( I CANNOT
ordered the regular Egg's Benny.

No filter here ladies and gents! Real deal!

Everything was delicious!
After finishing up our meal, we did a little window shopping up
 and down the streets. 
We before we headed back to the car
we checked out this really cool furniture store that doubles
as a bar at night! Check it out

**Quickie outfit post:
Want to know about my dress?
Well really, it is just another outfit hack!
The grey dress was too adorable to pass up, but a little short - so I paired it with a
cute pleated pink skirt to add some length! I do this to a lot
of my dresses to make them appear longer, and to give more depth to the
outfit! Expect an Outfit Hack post on this topic soon!

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