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Monday, July 13, 2015

Over the Hill at 26

Monday is possibly the worst day to have a birthday - especially when you have
a big girl job.

Not only is Monday a sucky day for a birthday, but 26 is like the most
annoying/useless birthday. So really the two deserved each other.

Thankfully I have a husband and friends who take over
the planning of sucky days for me.

The day began with work :D
Thankfully I work with some pretty awesome people
who understand my love of Giraffes and the color yellow. 

When I arrived at work I was showered with lavish yellow, giraffey gifts.

My friends know me well...
After work I drove home, got fancy, and Ricky drove
us to Flemings. Ricky even paid for valet - SHMANCY!

The hostess led us to a cute little table that 
was decorated for my special occasion.

Even though it was a Monday and I had work the next morning, I decided 
to drink the night away - it was my birthday for goodness sakes.
I started the evening off with a French 75 and told the 
server to keep them coming - you only turn 26 once!

I vowed that 26 would be a new and different year, so I started off
the year by ordering an appetizer completely out of 
my comfort zone - the Pan Crisp Pork Belly.

Made with creamy goat cheese grits and
dark cherry and sweet onion chutney
Even though the pork was a little fatty, I really enjoyed this dish. 
I may not order it again at Flemings, but I am
glad I tried it and I would totally try it again somewhere else.

Ricky stayed in his comfort zone and ordered the french onion soup - which of course
was fantastic.

For my entree I ordered the Small Plate of the Certified Angus Beef Hangar
I will order this EVERY time I go back to Flemings. 

It was small but filling, and it came with a tasty slaw side.

Ricky and I ordered a side of onion rings to share.
These onion rings came straight from heaven themselves.
They where the perfect balance between crispy and soft, the 
breading was to die for, and the dip was mouth watering. 
I would highly suggest trying these if you go to 
Flemings, but I warn you, it will ruin all other 
onion rings for you...

Ricky ordered the 12 oz Filet for dinner and it was awesome, even though 
the plate decor was lacking.

Don't judge this book by its cover!

For desert we wanted to try something a little different.
Flemings is known for its
Lava Cake that you have to reserve ahead of time (which 
we have tried before)
but this time we wanted to try the desert with the 
melted chocolate, the toasted marshmallow, and the 
crispy graham cracker.

Dassss Right! We ordered the deconstructed Smores (which are no longer
on the menu).

I was feeling so adventurous that I even told the server to bring
out a good wine to pair this desert with.

He brought out a delectable white ice wine that paired beautifully
with the desert.

After devouring the desert, the server brought the check along with 
a $25 giftcard and a homemade box of chocolates.

Dress - Francesca's , Shoes & Purse - Prada

After dinner we headed home to call it a night....
It was a Monday ya know!

Thankfully my birthday did not end there! That weekend 
I visited Tampa with a few friends :)


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