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Monday, April 4, 2016

Ladies' Weekend

Once a month (sometimes more than that), I get
together with two of my best friends from

Here are a few throwbacks:

Back to the present!

So we try to do a ladies' weekend once
a month, and we switch up who hosts every month.

March was Leigh's month and dammit she was
a FABULOUS host!

Dude, I'm talking VIP everrrrrryyyything.
I think I paid for one meal the entire weekend.
My lovely Leigh had it covered.

The weekend started off with a bang with box seats
to a Tampa Bay Lightning game.

We were delighted with the opportunity to share
the suite with a few employees from Leigh's company
and a LOT of food!

Here we are before the game!

After watching Tampa lose,
we headed out to a few bars for
a quick drink and a song
or two!

The next morning, Leigh had something special planned!
She knows how much we all love being out on the water,
so one of her friends invited us out for a BBQ on a sandbar.

We traveled by boat to our sandy destination.

After spending most of the day at the 
sandbar, we headed back to Leigh's.

We had every intention of staying in and 
having a chill night - but that never happens.

Leigh had tickets for us to go to
the Gasparilla Music Festival!

Once we arrived, we met up with an old 
college buddy of hers, who conveniently works for
Tito's Vodka.

We were ushered into Tito's private, (AIR CONDITIONED) bus and
were fed Tito's Vodka cocktails all night long.

We basically felt like rock stars 

Walkin to da bus likeeeee.....

Tito's Girls

After spending our fair share of time in the bus/at the festival, 
we all headed out to the nearest hotel bar for some snacks and

Finally - we called it a night and caught a cab home.

The next morning, we only had time for breakfast
before Stephanie and I had to head back

Leigh had the perfect breakfast place for us!

This was one of the cutest places, but the website
is a tad confusing - Check them out on YELP.

The food and the coffee are amazing!

Steph's coffee :)

After breakfast we bid our farewells and
were on the road again.

Until next time!


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