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Monday, April 11, 2016

Orlando City Soccer

My brother-in-law has one
of the coolest jobs ever.
He is a chef for the Orlando City Soccer

Orlando City Poster Boiiiii 
Though I hate cooking, I might learn
to love it in order to spend some quality time
with a few of Orlando's finest athletes. 
*wink wink*

I've begged Jon to get Snapchat for
the sole purpose of catching the players
in action during their day to day lives,
but he won't :(.

But here is what I'd imagine he would catch...

Don't worry friends, I will continue to beg him.

Anyways, along with the perks
of getting to hang out
with the team, Jon was able to
get his most beloved sister-in-law into 
her very first Orlando City
Soccer game :D

Just no purple on me :(


We had great seats, right next to this (insane) crowd.

They were quite the rowdy crowd - that (because this was my first game)
I expected to chill out a few minutes into the game.

Boy was I mistaken!

The environment is nothing like I have ever experienced.

They had drums going, flags waving, and people chanting during the
ENTIRE game.

Apparently, if you buy tickets to sit in that section, you are required
to chant and stand the entire time.

They should also label those seats: Splash Zone

For you WILL get soaked with beer, water, and God knows what else.

Information that would be good to know when buying Grandma tickets...

Those are sparkles on the field btw - every time a goal is made, they let the sparkles fly!

Thankfully Orlando City won the game 4-1 against
the Portland Timbers, making my first professional
soccer experience even better!

Who knew Portland had a team?

... I'm surprised too.

If you are in town, you should definitely check these guys out!


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