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Monday, April 3, 2017

Life Lately

So a lot of things have happened in the last month. 
One of the craziest things was that my baby bro got married J

It is soooo weird to think that he is even old enough for something like that, but I am so happy for him, his new wife, and his new daughter (NEW SISSY & NIECEY). 

The wedding was on March 12 2017 at the Orlando City Science Center – and might I add, it was beautiful.
Check out a few of the pics J

Thanks Cait for doing my hair!!
Another big event that happened in the last week or two: Ricky and I bought our first house :D
(Lord help the person who asks if kids are next.)
I will tell you, buying a house is the most annoying process of ALL TIME.

1.       The cost of houses has seemed to go up in Orlando, so everything that was available was pretty damn expensive.

2.       There were barely any houses in our price range, and a majority of the houses in our price range were “fixer-uppers”. You know why the quotes are there…

3.       Getting a loan is a b*tch, and Ricky and I have good credit!!! It was insane dude. I have no clue how ppl are buying houses right now.
We ended up looking at 30-40 houses (it was horrible). Some of the houses smelled, some of the people didn’t clean before we came, and (my favorite) one family didn’t flush the toilet – and left the lid up for us to see.

I eventually told Ricky “I’m done! Don’t show me another damn house!”, 
but our realtor said “Just one more!”.

So we agreed this would be the last house we looked at and set out towards the property.
Long story short, we walked in, fell in love, and put in an offer.

1 month later, we are all moved in, and just renovating a few thingys – and we are loving every second of it!

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  1. Looked like such a lovely day!!!


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