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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Great Summer Trip Part 1: Airplanes and Seattle

Every year, Ricky and I try to go on a big trip.
Last year we decided that this years trip would be a cruise to Alaska :) 

A couple of weeks ago, we took a cruise to Alaska. But to get to that cruise, we had to 
fly into Seattle.

1. I lived in Seattle a few years as a child, so I was BEYOND excited to check out my old stomping ground.
2. I hate flying, and haven't flown in about 7 years.... So I was BEYOND unexcited to be up in metal tube for 6 hours... But I got over it with the help of anxiety medication!

We ended up getting to Seattle a day and a half before the cruise left so that we had time to check out
the city.

We started by grabbing a little food and some ice cream (duh) and walking around the pier.

Did I mention mom came along too? She did!
Afterwards, mom decided to head back to the hotel for a nap, and Ricky and I went to see the Space Needle (a must for your first time in Seattle).

After playing around on the Space Needle, we headed back to the hotel to get ready to see
the Seattle Mariners play some BASEBALL :D

It was a great game, and the Mariners won!
Afterwards we took an Uber back to the hotel for drinks and bed.

The next morning we had breakfast and went shopping at my favorite store: NORDS (we don't have one in Orlando - so I went cray).

Afterwards we headed to the ship!

View from our Cabin

Bye Seattle! See you in a week!


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