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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Great Summer Trip Part II: Boat Life & Juneau

Our first full day on the boat was a day at sea.

I'm not going to lie, there wasn't much to do on the boat
except drink, eat, and sight sea <---(hahaha that was an accident, but I'm keeping it!)

Thankfully, we upgraded our room to a balcony so this was our view waking up.

After working out (yes - I am one of those people), we got ready for a day
on the boat of drinking with family and friends. 

*Fun fact: We were not alone on this cruise! We went with my mom, my uncle, and a few
friends from work.
I don't have a ton of picture from our activities on the boat, but here is a few pics of
the room, the balcony, and Ricky and I getting ready for our first formal night :)

The next morning (Sunday), we arrived in Juneau.

It was a beautiful boat ride into the port, and I am so thankful we were able to watch
it all from our balcony!

We finally made it to port at noon, and Ricky and I rushed off the boat to look around.
It was pouring...

Thankfully, months before this trip, I forced Ricky to buy waterproof shoes and
jackets. They were VERY necessary for this trip.

After having a little too much fun playing in the rain, we set off to explore the city of Juneau,
for we did not have to meet for our excursion until 2:30pm.

Even though it was cold and rainy, we still bought iced coffee. The locals told us
we belonged in Alaska after hearing our order!

Around 2, we found our group and went to the spot to meet for the excursion.
When we got there, we were very disappointed to find out that our excursion had been canceled
because of the horrible weather. SO SAD. It was such a badass excursion too. We were
supposed to canoe to the Mendenhall Glacier, explore the ice caves, and then walk on top of the glacier. But it ended up being too windy/rainy for canoeing. So we (thankfully) were reimbursed and
given the option of a bus ride to a national park, where you can get pretty close to the glacier.


THE GANG, minus Ricky, mom, and Uncle Kendall

After a mile treck back to the bus stop, we headed back to the ship - where we passed out until
the next morning.



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  1. Very cool post ! Looks like an fun trip ! xx



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