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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holiday Photo Shoot

Christmas 2015, Ricky and I were talked into a holiday photo shoot. 
It was a great deal because Ricky's brother's girlfriend (Amanda)
dabbles in photography.
I told Amanda about a great spot for our setting and we set a date!
Our appointment happened to be the on
the coldest day of the 2015 winter in Florida (AKA Winter's Day),
and the cold was welcomed!

Our first outfits were in honor of our favorite team!

Ricky is from New York and is a die hard Ranger's fan. 
So die hard, that we paid an ungodly amount of 
money to see the Rangers play for the Stanley Cup
in NYC during our trip in May.

Sadly, the Rangers lost the Stanley Cup to the 
Tampa Bay Lightning, but we bought 
jerseys anyway.

Needless to say, when we have the jerseys on we get a little crazy.

Now on to a few serious ones:

You can't tell, but we are both FROZEN SOLID in these! 
It was like, 60 degrees...

It's not a party without a little champagne 
and a few perfectly placed candy canes!

Skip these mom.

Get ready for the longest pour of your life.



Still pouring.......

And I smack his hand away with a candy cane!!

This was one of the most difficult shots! I almost called for a 
stunt double.

"Life is like a box of chocolates..."

A pole!!!!

Our favorite thing to pose around!

*Insert cheesy saying here: something about looking back on 2015*

We had so much fun with Amanda and Jon during our photo shoot session! 
Thank you both for everything!!


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