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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy 2016!!!

It’s a little late for a new years post, but better late than never!

(Me and the Hubby before we leave for our party)

I normally don’t ever set resolutions because I firgured if I really want to do something 
(or to stop doing something) I should do it 
(or stop doing it) immediately. 
There shouldn’t be anything magical 
about the first day of a new year. 
It’s just another day in life – there is not 
wiping of the slate of 2015. 
I’m still the same person, with the same goals, that I was 10 days ago. 
In fact, the only slate that seemed to be wiped 
clean/renewed was the amount of sick/holiday days that I received on January first. 
ANYWAYS, you get the picture – I normally don’t do resolutions, but 2016 seems to be different. For the first time in my life I wanted to make a resolution. 
I decided to write them down, because goodness, if I am planning on making them – I best be keeping them!

Nooooo, not “Get Skinny”. I’ve long since come to terms with the fact that my body type is not noodle thin – its better than that. I have an athletic build with a big booty. 
THANK GOODNESS the booty is very “in” right now. 
Took people a while to catch up with my big booty trend, 
but they finally got there. 
So my plan is to continue my workout/diet plan because 
for the first time in my adult life,
 I am happy with my body. 
I just need to make sure I continue to stay the course!

2. Socialize More Often
I have always been a very social person, when people are in front of me
My biggest issue is when I go home I just want to chill with the dog, cat, and hubby – read a book, watch a movie, cook, etc… 
I am horrible at keeping up with friends that I don’t see on a daily bases. 
Game plan: make sure I am texting more, calling more, planning more outings and dinners, and putting myself out there to meet new friends. 
I think I’m doing well! 
We are six days into the new year and every 
weekend for the next month and a half is filled…

3. Make a Skincare Routine
“Whattttt? She doesn’t have a skincare routine?!” – No judging, 
but I haven’t really needed one. 
I am 26 and have relatively good skin so a lot of times I would just fall asleep without taking off my makeup. I would never moisturize, 
and I hardly ever washed my face. 
But this year I am turning 27, and I realize that I am slowly getting older L
I need to start taking active measures to preserve my face. 
I recently went to the store to buy all the goods that one would 
probably need to take care of their face.
 I bought makeup remover pads, oil free makeup remover, moisturizer, and a night serum. 
So far I am doing well with the nightly
 skin care habit – and I feel like I am definitely noticing a difference.

4. Vacation More Often & Take More Pics
I feel like Ricky and I go on a decent amount of bigger trips but we tend to skip doing the shorter, weekend trip around here. This year I would like to go to Savannah 
and the Keys along with our normal big trips. 
Also I really want to start taking more pictures.
 I feel like a lot of time I am moving so fast that I miss out on the beauty that surrounds me. 
I feel like if I make a note to take 1 pic a day – I will be 
more observant and might not miss as much.

5. Finish My Master’s
I am scheduled to finish my master’s degree in December of this year! I am BEYOND excited to be done with school and NEVER look back.

Those are my 2016 New Year Resolutions! Comment and let me know what yours are!

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