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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Tea Party of Sorts

A few weekends ago,
I had the pleasure of hosting
a tea party bridal shower for
a dear friend.

This was my first time every hosting
a shower, and I had so
much fun and learned a
good deal of what to do
and what not to
do for next time (which is in May!).

We held the shower in my apartment's clubhouse -
which turned out to be the perfect spot.
There was plenty of space for people
to spread out and mingle, there was
plenty of counter space for
decorations and food,
and there was a full kitchen!

Rachel and I were in charge of

This can be a good thing - because
Rachel and I LOVE decorating,
or this can be a very bad thing.... Because:

We tend to go a little overboard.

Here we are the night before.

The next morning was extremely chaotic
as we rushed to get the room ready - while also
trying to get ourselves tea-o-fied.

Thankfully we had Leah, Jen, and my mom helping -
or we would have attended tea in our pajamas!

Sorry I didn't get a close up of all the food - too busy taking pics of the mimosa bar!
For brunch we had:
 - a parfait bar (WITH SPRINKLES)
-cheddar biscuits
-egg casserole
- tea sandwiches

But the best part was:

The Mimosa Bar!!

Leah had some amazing games planned along with
great prizes for the winners.

Family Feud

Bride to be!
Very blurry of me and mom :D

It turned out to be a beautiful shower, and these ladies made hosting
this shower so much more fun!

Congratulations on your Marriage Ali!!

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