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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Primed for Primer

Where have I been?

A little late to the primer game apparently.

I could not figure out why my 
makeup and eye makeup 
were not staying all day long
while I was in the comfort
of my air conditioned cube!

Girllll you need some primer!


Who would have thought that one product could
make such a difference?

Well, really two products for me...
I have fallen for, and use every day:

- Eye primer
- Face primer

Face primer? Is that what its called?


These are my RIDE OR DIE.

I have gulped down the kool-aide and
I will NOT be looking back.

What is a primer you ask?

I asked google.

If you want your eye makeup to stay all day 
Buy this:

Money Shot

I bought it hoping it would make my
eye shadow last more then a mere
two hours in the Florida heat,
and it did me one better...

My eye makeup and eyeliner
last through work, through workout,
and even sometimes through my shower.
I have to actually use makeup remover to get
it off.
(Note* I do not have to scrub to get it off,
it comes off quite easily once I use some makeup remover)


The other primer I use is a base
for my foundation.

At the moment I am using
Smashbox Photo Finish
Foundation Primer Light.

This is the travel size.

It really has helped my foundation
stay on longer, but I think I want
to play the field a little.

I've heard great things about Make Up For Ever
Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer
Color Mattifying Primer - For Oily Skin

I've also been DYING to try the
BECCA Backlight Priming Filter.

This is supposed to give a more dewy finish - and my
face is already pretty dewy, but I love
everything BECCA and have
heard great things about this primer too.

Those will be the next ones I try, so I'll be sure
to give updates :D

In case you didn't know...


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