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Monday, May 2, 2016

Billy Currington, a Bar, and a Game

A few weeks ago, Billy Currington
played at the Ritz in
Ybor City. 

Originally, I was under the impression
that he was playing at the Ritz Carlton...

Mannnnn I was mistaken.

Not the Ritz Carlton...

A few friends, my mom, and my hubby and I 
drove to Tampa for the day to see Billy play!

We arrived early saturday afternoon and decided
to give Ricky's uncle's bar a visit.

Ricky's uncle co-founded

This bar has some of the best beers around
and I'm not just saying that because 
he is my uncle in law!

(Mom's first time in a bar... She loved it!)

I'm totally saying it because they have
an AMAZING coffee beer called
The Awakening.

OMGOODNESS this combines two of my favorite
Coffee and beer.

It is, maybe, the best stout beer I have ever tasted.

After grabbing a few drinks and some merchandise we headed
to the concert :D

Deb and I, boots were a must.
Paul, Deb, Me, and Ricky

Mom's first crazy concert in years!

Billy was amazing!
And he was quite the crowd pleaser :D

That ended up being one of the most
crowded concerts I had ever been to.

I guess that's what you get when
you only pay $29 a ticket!

After the concert we started the long treck home,
which really didn't take that long at 1am.

The next morning I awoke, with plans of doing

My lovely brother in law had different plans lol.



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